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Dallas Electrician & Electricity in 2012

As Texas struggles with 2012 predictions of problems reminiscent of last year’s power outages and power grid malfunctions, residents are scrambling to find a Dallas electrician that can provide answers and help them create contingency plans to ensure they are minimally affected. Electric Man, a reputable Dallas electrician provider for over 27 years, provides some insight into the situation facing Texans today and what they can do to avoid costly and inconvenient side effects stemming from such possible scenarios.

A Look Back At 2011

Texas residents suffered damaging and costly electrical problems in 2011. Three major blackout incidents, two of which happened in the winter months of February and December respectively, left residents without heat and without power for hours and, in some cases, days at a time. Equally distressing was the 71-day drought that had Texans begging their local Dallas electrician for relief, as 100-plus degree heat waves weakened the power grid once again and left residents without air conditioning or electricity.

2012: Not Much Better

Unfortunately, 2012 does not seem to be the year for relief. Experts warn that several factors point to an even more severe blackout and power grid problem in the state of Texas for 2012.

  • Growing consumption across the state.
  • Government-imposed environmental constraints to reduce emissions which have shut down power plants.
  • The inability of state governments to add capacity to the state’s sole, weakened power grid.
  • Forecasts of higher-than-average temperatures combined with yet another drought season.

These factors translate into miserable, costly blackouts and power grid failures throughout North Texas.

Dallas Electrician Company Provides Solutions

There are some solutions for customers looking stay ahead of the game when it comes to protecting their home and appliances from the inconvenient and sometimes dangerous conditions that stem from power grid failures. With the help of a knowledgeable electrician, Dallas residents can acquire an indoor generator, which can serve as an effective emergency power source for your home or business in the event of a blackout.

One of the most convenient features of these indoor generators is that there is no need to use electricity to recharge the battery bank that runs the generator. Without the mess of a fuel-powered engine generator, customers can count on reliable and steady power output and a quiet supply of power for your appliances. Furthermore, the convenience of a solar-power or wind-power battery charge ensures that customers need not worry about using electricity to recharge generator batteries.

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