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Installing a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

If you are looking for a Garland electrician, be sure to find one who cares enough about safety to help determine if your home is up to par. Some older homes often lack basic precautionary features that are inexpensive, yet vital to the safety of the family. One of these features is the GFCI, and any Garland electrician should be able to determine if your home has one.

Recently in Texas, a family experienced a heartbreaking illustration of what can happen without a GFCI. The mother was bathing her two children, ages five and six, when a hairdryer that was plugged into a nearby outlet fell into the tub. Both children were killed by the electrical current passing into the bathwater.

One of the most horrifying things about this story is that this accident was preventable! Installing a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or GFCI, could have saved these children’s lives, at a cost of less than $60. The circuit in their bathroom was not equipped with this simple piece of equipment, simply because their home was an older home.

When the electrical current is imbalanced, it indicates that the current is passing through something that it is not intended to pass through. A GFCI handles that situation by quickly interrupting the flow of current before it can do harm. Water is an especially dangerous conductor of current, so a GFCI should be installed everywhere that an electrical device might be plugged in near water. This means that GFCIs should be on outlets in not only kitchens and bathrooms, but also in garages, outside, near countertops, and near hot tubs and pools. While a layperson might not realize that, an electrician should. That is why, whether you are looking for a Dallas, Garland, or Rowlett electrician, you should make sure to find one with enough experience to spot potential hazards before they cause tragic results.

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