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9 Benefits Of An Indoor Generator Emergency Power System


Emergency power systems traditionally use generators powered by gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel. The purpose of investing in one is to provide your home or business with a way to generate electricity in case a power outage occurs. This can be invaluable when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature during outages, protecting computers and other hardware, preventing food spoilage, and a myriad of other things you take for granted while electricity is readily available to power everything. Fortunately, even better options have become available that don’t require noisy traditional generators.

What Is An Indoor Generator?

Have you heard of something called an Indoor Generator™? Instead of being powered by messy and pollution-causing fuels, these battery-powered units can be set up conveniently inside your home or business. There are many reasons why these kinds of backup power generators are preferred by so many home and business owners.

Benefits Of Indoor Generators

An Indoor Generator™ installed by our Frisco electricians has countless advantages, including:

  • Is manufactured 100% in the USA. Instead of fearing the delivery of shoddy parts from third-world counties, you can rest assured that your indoor generator will be high quality.
  • Operates silently. Instead of a noisy generator, you get electricity from a completely quiet source of power.
  • Has no toxic fumes or gasoline. With battery-powered backup electricity, there is no need to handle such substances.
  • Provides a clean sine wave. This essentially means that you are getting clean electricity, which allows your appliances to run more efficiently.
  • Features automated switching to the most efficient power source. This smart feature is one of the most incredible functions of the Indoor Generator™.
  • Can utilize solar energy. If solar power is plentiful and available, the system will automatically run off of solar energy. This allows you to save your generator’s battery life and even gives you the opportunity to sell power back to your electric company.
  • Can utilize city power. When it is more efficient to run on city power, the unit will recognize this and automatically switch to the standard power grid.
  • Switch to battery power automatically. When solar and city power is no longer available, your indoor generator will switch to its reserve of battery power. This can last anywhere from several hours to several days depending on the application.
  • Can utilize a gas generator as an additional precaution if the battery power becomes depleted. When this happens, and standard power sources are still unavailable, the system can be programmed to automatically switch to a gas generator to recharge it until another more efficient power source becomes available. This process can also be manually performed if you do not program the unit to make the switch.

With all of these benefits and the obvious versatility of indoor generators, it is clear why many people prefer them over standard generators. A reputable Dallas or Plano electrician can easily get one set up for you today.