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Dallas Electrical Panels & Circuit Breakers

Expert Circuit Repairs & Replacements

Each large appliance in your home – including your fridge, stove, and washing machine – should have its own outlet. This practice helps manage large surges to your circuits. If your circuits are tripping despite this precaution, the problem is usually due to too many outlets being wired to one circuit.

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How To Know If You Need A Circuit Breaker Service

You know you have a problem with your circuit board if the circuit trips again after flipping the switch back to the "On" position. Check the appliance plugs first. Frayed wires can cause sudden surges, which will trip the circuit to protect your home from an electrical fire.

Common Circuit Breaker Issues Include:

  • Corroded connections
  • Faulty or loose wires
  • Melted or chewed wiring or melted devices
  • Bad connections
  • Burnt cords

However, if your plugs seem alright, identify how many appliances operate off that circuit. The circuit is only designed to support a specific voltage; if you demand more of that connection, the panel will cut power to that part of your home.

Prevent Overloads & Keep Electricity Flowing

If your circuit breakers trip frequently, it usually means your panel is overloaded. To minimize the risk of an electrical fire, we recommend having ElectricMan inspect your home's electrical system as soon as possible. Your electrical panel hosts all of your home's connections – if the panel is more than 15 years old, the circuit trips may be due to old equipment. Our Dallas electricians can assess the electrical equipment throughout your home and determine the right solution to fix your problem.

What Causes An Overload?

  • Melting wires. Overloading a circuit—meaning too many appliances are running on one power circuit at a time—can cause wires to melt and become damaged and shorted. This common problem can be very dangerous, which is why many electricians recommend that, particularly in your kitchen and living room areas, circuits should run individually from separate power sources in order to prevent overloading.
  • Changing weather. The use of window AC units and space heaters, which use massive amounts of power, can wreak havoc on your circuits and overload them. In fact, AC units require so much power to function that even the units by themselves can overload a circuit. As with other sources of overloads, running these units on a separate circuit and with their own source of power can help prevent a bigger problem.
  • Old wiring. An emergency electrician is often called to address power overloads in older homes that have antiquated wiring, as this kind of overload is tough to diagnose and requires an electrician who is familiar with the way older homes are wired. Today’s homes are built to prevent problems like bathroom circuit overloads. In fact, new homes often include separate circuits for heavy-power usage rooms like the bathrooms, kitchen and family room areas.

The electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system. If the heart is not working properly or efficiently, the vein (your circuits) won’t either. Our Dallas circuit panel team can ensure that your electrical panel is in prime condition to maintain healthy circuits.

Don't Be Shocked; Circuit Problems Are Common!

If your circuits keep breaking even after checking the voltage load, let our experienced Dallas electrician inspect the wiring. You may have a problem in the walls of your home with crossed or exposed wires. Continuing to demand that these wires support an electrical surge can quickly lead to a fire hazard.

Request a Dallas circuit panel and breaker inspection from ElectricMan by calling (972) 362-1804.

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