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Keeping Ghoulish Halloween Decorating Safe This Season


Halloween is no doubt one of the most festive times of the year and decorating for the season is a fun and cherished pastime enjoyed by many families. Unfortunately, as almost all Electrical Companies In Dallas will tell you, Halloween can also be one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. The electrical experts at Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. would like for you and your family to enjoy the ghoulish festivities while practicing electrical safety, so here are a few tips for making the most out of decorating for this exciting time of year.

The Hazards of Halloween Decor

When people talk about Halloween decorations, they’re often thinking about lots of lights combined with smoke machines, spiderwebs and paper decorations, all of which can be cheaply made. The downside of these homemade special effects is that many of these decorations are made of highly flammable material which, if left unattended and in close proximity to electrical lighting, can be anything but fun.

Another problem that often arises from Halloween decorating comes from using electrical lighting and components with electrical wiring that has become cracked and damaged over time. Any cracks in the insulation or damage to the wires can prove frightening and sometimes even deadly. Furthermore, heavy usage of lighting and decorations that require electricity can put a strain on extension cords, power strips and electrical outlets in your home, straining your home’s circuits.

Tips for Safe Decorating

You don’t have to leave the Halloween spirit behind to celebrate safely. Follow these easy-to-remember safety tips when Halloween decorating with your family for the ultimate ghoulish celebration:

  • Use common sense when plugging multiple electrically powered decorations into extension cords or outlets. If possible, try to plug decorations that use a lot of electricity into separate circuits in your home to reduce the load on any one circuit.
  • Route wiring, extension cords, etc. away from foot traffic to avoid wearing out wiring insulation. Also, keep your pets away from wires to discourage any chewing that may damage wiring and harm your pet.
  • If you must use extension cords or power strips, keep it down to just one power strip per outlet. Attempting to double-up on the electrical outlets by adding multiple extension cords and power strips on the same outlet increases the odds for overloading the circuit and possible fires.

Electrical Companies In Dallas That You Can Trust

In over 27 years of electrical experience, ElectricMan Inc. has seen too many families in danger as a result of careless and unnecessary oversights in the use of lighting and electronics. With a little care, a little caution, mixed in with some common sense, your family can enjoy the candy and the costumes and not have to be worried about electrical fires.

For more information on electrical safety and how you can protect your home and your family, or if you need local Electrical Companies In Dallas to help you with any electrical issues you may have, call ElectricMan Inc. at (972) 362-1804 or read more of the wealth of information at the ElectricMan Blog!