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12 Top Home Trends To Upgrade Your Home


Are you thinking about redesigning your home? When you look at the year's top home trends, you will realize that you’re not alone. This year everyone seems to be jumping on the home renovation and remodel bandwagon. While some top home trends involve pure aesthetic components, this year’s trends are all about accessibility, functionality, and efficiency. From home renovation to home color trends, this year has something for everyone.

Top Home Trend Options

Take a look at this year’s home trends to choose which ones fit in with your plans for home renovation.

  1. Don’t move out, settle down. Today’s families aren’t looking to buy a new house; they’re looking at making the most of their current home. As a result, whether it’s because of today’s housing market or simply the overall economic climate, more families are choosing work trucks over moving trucks.
  2. Highly functional living. Our hectic lives demand homes that are as functional, as they are beautiful. To that end, today’s homeowners are looking to upgrade their homes with features that make our lives easier and more convenient, whether that means more practical appliances or functional use of furniture.
  3. Energy-saving changes. The demand for energy-efficient appliances has been growing for some time. Now more than ever, Energy Star-compliant appliances and other electronics that caters to the energy-conscious are at the forefront of designing home trends.
  4. Simple look, simple design. There are no intricacies in the 2012 top home trends when it comes to look and design. In fact, this year’s home trends are as simple as they come, with clean, unassuming styles that bring charm and beauty to the home.
  5. Small but useful. No longer do homeowners want bigger homes with tons of space. Tons of space requires tons of upkeep. Instead, today’s homeowners are going back to basics—rather than expanding small spaces, they’re simply making them more functional and useful.
  6. Brighter spaces. Whether increasing windows and patio doors or adding skylights to your home, making your home brighter is one of this year’s top home trends. Not only does natural light make for more cheerful surroundings, it helps conserve energy as well.
  7. Light, clean color. This year’s color trends are clean, earthy, understated and pretty. Whether you’re creating a posh, luxurious space or a more casual, organic area, 2012 is the year for lovely color combinations that scream simplicity and style.
  8. Extended family accommodations. Thanks to the recent economic climate, extended families are becoming more the norm in the household, with older family members living alongside their children and grandchildren. As a result, more homeowners are turning to home renovation to create more comfortable living spaces. This year’s trends focus on additions to the home that make full use of available spaces for extended family, whether that involves a basement renovation or the addition of in-law suites and bedrooms.
  9. LED lighting. LED lighting is known for its long-lasting, cool lighting features, which is why this year, LED lighting is replacing the use of the fluorescent bulb as the new must-have lighting item in your home. Replacing your bulbs with LED lighting is good for your electric bill as well as for your aesthetic design; LED lighting uses only a fraction of wattage that other electrical light sources in your home use.
  10. Accessibility and comfort. Today’s trendsetters are looking for accessibility and comfort in their home renovation designs, especially when it comes to homes specifically for the older generation. The key is to use design elements that allow easy access and functionality. For instance, easy-access larger bathroom fixtures, simpler appliances for the kitchen with more accessible counter and cabinet space can help older homeowners feel like they are not outgrowing their home, but that rather, their home is growing with them.
  11. Bring the outdoors in. From color trends to lighting to space expansion, 2012 top home trends point to the outdoors as a source of inspiration. Organic design elements with minimal energy use and great functionality are huge this year, with screened porches and highly functional outdoor inspired living areas taking center stage.
  12. Daylighting and minimal bulb use. One of the most interesting home trends emerging this year is the concept of “daylighting”–adding lots of windows, screened-in rooms and patio doors in high-traffic areas to make better use of natural light as both a cool design effect and an energy-efficient feature. Adding windows to your home reduces your bulb usage and keeps your home cheerful and bright.

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