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What's The Difference Between Digital Timers & Mechanical Timers?

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In the current economic climate, in which everyone is trying to save money, you might not know that the best Garland electrician can help! Sometimes, saving money is as simple as finding a simple idea that makes your life run more efficiently. When it comes to electricity, one of the best and least utilized ways to save money and energy is by putting your lights on a timer.

Benefits Of Timers

As any Garland electrician can tell you, timers are extremely useful! You can use them to turn lights on and off, whether or not you are at home. This makes it easy for you to appear as though you are home when you are on vacation, or control your Christmas lights, but those are not the only instances in which timers are a good idea. For instance, you can set a timer to make your lights turn off after you go to bed, and come back on in the morning. This makes a great backup alarm clock, and also ensures that you don’t accidentally leave lights on all night. You can also set them to turn off lights when you are at work, in case you forget.

Digital Vs. Mechanical Timers

There are two types of timers for home systems: mechanical and digital. 

  • Digital timers look good and are very useful, with several automated features. Even though they can be installed by someone who is not an electrician, Garland homeowners may feel more secure hiring a professional, because digital timers have sensitive electronics inside that require a neutral wire that switches do not. The best Garland electrician will be able to choose the right digital timer for your needs, competently install it, and even change out the switch plates if necessary.
  • Mechanical timers are less common than digital but are very useful. They are often used to control swimming pool equipment and outdoor lighting. In addition to controlling lights, they can be attached to a water heater to keep it from running when you don’t need hot water. This can make a huge difference in your electric bill!

The main difference between mechanical and digital timers is:

  • Mechanical timers are typically larger and sturdier and can handle a larger electrical load.
  • Digital timers are more aesthetically pleasing and will fit better into your home’s décor.

A competent Garland or Rowlett electrician will advise you as to which timer best suits your needs.

How ElectricMan Can Help

Whether you have an electrical problem or are just looking for ways to save money on your electric bill, ElectricMan, Inc, can help! Visit our website or social sites for more information. If you would prefer, you can always call us at (972) 362-1804 to schedule an appointment or consultation today!