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We’ve all seen flickering lights as repeated tropes in horror movies, but they can actually mean pretty scary things. While the existence of supernatural beings is still a hotly debated topic, one certain thing is the danger of electrical issues. Believe it or not, they are responsible for the majority of property fires and other serious hazards. While it may be tempting to try and fix the issue yourself, we urge you to leave it to the pros. That’s why ElectricMan offers 24-hour emergency electrical services in Garland. Much like our standard services, we are committed to quickly finding the issue and providing you with long-lasting and affordable solutions.

Our team always arrives on-time and ready to work. Give us a call at (972) 362-1804 to request an emergency appointment.

What Is an Electrical Emergency?

Oftentimes, it may not seem as if the symptom of an electrical emergency is that big of a deal. Many people tend to ignore flickering lights, buzzing appliances, or small sparks coming from outlets. However, what might seem small can actually be an indication of a much more serious issue.

You may be experiencing an electrical emergency if:

  • Your devices and/or appliances are making buzzing or sparking noises
  • You’re experiencing electrical issues after inclement weather, especially if your home was struck by lightening
  • You smell smoke but cannot locate its source
  • Your circuit breaker still trips even after resetting it
  • You turn off your main breaker, but the issue remains

We also highly recommend reading our blog for more thorough details on how to detect electrical emergencies.

When Do I Call an Electrician Vs. My Utility Company?

Many people put off calling an electrician because they’re unsure whether their local electrical company will take care of it or not. The easiest way to determine whose responsibility the repairs are is this: if the problem is due to a downed power line outside your home, this is the responsibility of your local utility company. However, if the problem exists within your property, it is your responsibility to handle the repairs.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

At ElectricMan, we only hire family-oriented and highly skilled electricians. If you’re dealing with an electrical emergency in Garland, we will quickly dispatch a team and work diligently to find a solution. Because of our many years of experience and training, we will ensure that your electricity remains up to local codes. There’s no job that’s too big or complex for us to handle. We stand behind the quality of our work so much that we offer 100% satisfaction guarantees.

For lightning-fast emergency electrical service in Garland, call (972) 362-1804 now.

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