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How ElectricMan Set Out To Change The World One Outlet At A Time


Americans dream of throwing off the shackles of the workaday world and trying their hand at something new. That something new often takes the form of owning your own business and that’s exactly what Dallas Electrician, Nick Schaeffer set out to do in 2004.

The Vision For ElectricMan

Back when Nick was still working for other companies, he thought that there had to be a better way to do business; he looked at how his company handled their customers and employees and thought that the people deserved better. That’s when Nick started ElectricMan Inc. His dream of having a family-owned business, and applying the knowledge he gained as a Master Electrician, were the perfect opportunities for Nick to open ElectricMan inc’s doors to local customers. Further, Nick strives to meet his customers’ expectations and do their electrical repair in a quick and efficient manner, while preserving a strong customer service mentality at an affordable price. He wanted to be able to meet his customers and do their electrical repair quickly, while still having a strong customer service presence.

The Beginning Of ElectricMan

After he left his job, he bought a van and outfitted it so he and his electricians could better serve his customers. After spreading the word to his friends and family, word started spreading and the ElectricMan name began coming up more often within the North Texas community. And in 2005, due to the overwhelming amount of phone calls, Nick hired his first employee and bought a second van.

Texas has long been a thriving hub of small business, currently, there are over 1.7 million small businesses in the state. And of those businesses, nearly 400,000 have employees. So not only was Nick helping his family, but he was helping other Texas families by adding jobs.

The Importance Of A Family-Owned Business

Nick believes that a family-owned business is important to his customers, and people don’t want to have to turn to a huge, faceless corporation every time they need something. People want options and when they can call their local electrician, they want him to be local and able to come out and do the work the right way. ElectricMan started with the slogan, “Whenever there’s an emergency, it's Electric Man to the rescue!”And that stays true today, whenever customers are in need, they know to call ElectricMan, and he will go above and beyond to make sure his customers are taken care of right.

ElectricMan Inc. achieved success through constant attention to customer service and through their family-owned business values. Nick’s wife Michele, his sister-in-law El, his daughter Lauren and his father-in-law all work at the business in various capacities. But, they all work as a family and they are dedicated to seeing ElectricMan Inc. grow to become something their whole family will be proud of.

Nick may not have set out to change the world but his principles of a family-owned business and employing local Texans has fostered an environment for success. And the entire ElectricMan family is proud of it.