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4 Common Electrical Projects A Local Electrician Can Do


Whether you have a scheduled lighting project or an emergency on your hands, there are plenty of situations when it’s appropriate to call in a local electrician. For your safety and sanity use a certified electrician that can provide quality work and can be counted on for years to come.

Installing Tamper-Resistant Outlets

For peace of mind and family safety, have tamper-resistant outlets installed.

  • These have shutters over all openings that must be pressed at the same time to open, such as when inserting a plug.
  • Having this type of device installed where your children have access to them can prevent a shocking experience —without having to deal with annoying plastic inserts.

To ensure correct installation, count on a local electrician for the job.

Repairing A Wire Damaged From Drilling A Hole In The Wall

Whether you’re hanging pictures, shelves or a TV mounting bracket—or any other reason you might be drilling into a wall—there’s always the possibility that you’ll hit and damage a wire. This is definitely a fix you want to leave in the capable hands of a certified electrician. To prevent the problem from happening again:

  • Use a stud finder and aim for the center of the stud.
  • Before drilling, use a small tipped screwdriver to verify you are hitting the stud and not the side.
  • Once you have verified, feel free to drill away.

Upgrading A Ceiling Fan

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with the specific requirements involved in hanging a ceiling fan.

  • First, you must have a ceiling fan rated brace and box.
  • You need to also make sure the weighted blades are properly installed to the motor.
  • The motor has specific wiring leads that must be connected to the proper power leads.

If there is any question, it’s best to leave this project to a local electrician who has the experience of thousands of installs. The last thing you want, after spending hours on the project, is to have the fan wobble or come crashing to the floor, all electricians will agree, fans look better on the ceiling.

Re-Doing The Kitchen Lights

Some popular kitchen light upgrades include adding recessed lighting and pendant lights controlled by dimmer switches. Under-cabinet lighting and above cabinet lighting is also an excellent way to indirectly light your kitchen. Your interior lighting project is guaranteed to go smoothly when you trust your home to a licensed local electrician. The upgraded lights add a whole new dimension to your kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

To work with a licensed qualified professional for your next electrical project, please contact a certified electrician at ElectricMan today. ElectricMan is a trusted, local electrician with 27 years of experience.