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6 Custom Lighting Upgrades That Can Improve Home Value


So, it’s time to sell your home and you’re making upgrades here and there to increase its value. That’s a great idea, but have you spoken to a Dallas electrician yet about potential lighting upgrades? All it takes is a little lighting knowhow and you can increase your home’s value well beyond the initial investment you make before it goes on the market. Here are a few simple ideas from a certified electrician to inspire you.

Upgrade Indoor Lights

  • Add recessed lighting: It’s easy to accomplish a stunning look by adding lights in just the right places to accent your home’s architecture, a beautiful painting, or another focal point.
  • Update older fixtures: Homes built in the 1970s and ’80s have outdated fixtures. Without any rewiring or major renovations required by a Dallas electrician, you can replace fixtures and make everything look more modern.

Upgrade Outdoor Lights

  • Add landscape lighting: This highlights certain foliage and your home’s exterior architecture while providing a security feature as well. After all, burglars hesitate to be in any location where lights expose their presence. That’s a great selling point for your home.
  • Update porch lights: Older fixtures, especially those located outside, can rust and change colors. A new porch light installed by a Dallas electrician is a great way to welcome prospective homebuyers.

Show Off Your Upgrades

  • Install modern light switches and outlet covers: Choose conservative covers, but ones that look modern and up-to-date. Dimmers are especially popular and provide customizable lighting. Be sure you choose three-prong grounded outlets to meet current building codes. Contact a Dallas electrician if you have questions.
  • Up the wattage: Swap out lower-watt light bulbs for ones with a brighter glow to light up your home better when potential buyers walkthrough. Just make sure you don’t go over the maximum wattage specified for each light fixture. Compact fluorescent bulbs are great for adding more light; they also reduce wattage and lower electricity bills.

For more on how lighting can increase your home’s value, please contact a certified electrician at ElectricMan today. ElectricMan is your trusted, local Dallas electrician with 27 years of experience.