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Upgrade to These Advanced Electrical Outlets


Your basic GFCI outlets in your home are doing a fine job for the most part. But upgrading a few receptacles to better supply your power-hungry appliances, prevent electrical hazards or for sheer added convenience isn’t a bad idea.

Here are three outlets that are a step above.

AFCI Outlets

Electricity can jump from one wire to another, which is how electrical fires start. The arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) prevents that from happening. Any house built after 1999 should already have one. If your home is older, consider having a professional electrician install an AFCI outlet at the beginning of every circuit.

20A Outlets

Is your breaker constantly tripping? These outlets supply 25% more juice than your standard receptacle. Install 20A outlets in the laundry room, kitchen, and garage where your big appliances demand major power.

USB Outlets

If your family is anything like ours, then you’re constantly losing those pesky USB outlets that come with your smart devices. A USB outlet solves that problem because the USB ports are included for convenient mobile charging.

Smart Outlets

Did you forget to turn off that one lamp before you left the house? No worries. You can switch off anything plugged into a smart outlet remotely from your mobile device. You can replace all of your standard receptacles with Wi-Fi connected smart outlets. In fact, you’ll need to if you plan on having a smart home hub. Your other option is to convert your traditional outlets with adapters such as the Belkin WeMo Switch or the ConnectSense.

Bottom line: As our technology changes, your outlets must adapt. Fortunately, upgrading your outlets is a relatively low-cost way to keep up with the times, provide your appliances more reliable power, and protect your home. For all of your electrical needs, contact the ElecticMan at (972) 362-1804.