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What Is Renewable Energy?


The storage of renewable energy for business and homes, and it’s applicability as a renewable energy solution is often seen as a daunting prospect, but solutions are now available that truly bring this “next generation” technology to a level that can be easily implemented and understood.

What To Know About Renewable Energy

Renewable power needs to be broken down into individual applications and needs. Not everyone cares about promoting technology and advancements, but by taking steps one at a time, we accomplish two things.

  • One is education on possibilities,
  • Two is a further development of technology.

Here is my idea on awakening society at a level most people can comprehend until other options become refined and perfected.

Storage Of Renewable Energy With Wind & Solar For Daily Use

Photovoltaic and Wind technology together make this really cool.

  • When you add power storage with renewable energies, these automatically transferred units can be programmed to “sell back” electricity when electrical demand and storage capacities are satisfied.
  • All of this is programmable in any order/sequence desired.
  • By putting the unit's side by side, these systems can produce 240-volt single-phase or three-phase power with a pure sign wave.

What Is The Power Cart?

Here is a great example of a real-world solution that we call the Power Cart. This example utilizes solar panels, yet wind power could be added to the system very easily. This Power Cart system provides 20,000 watts of usable power, rechargeable through 4 solar panels, offering any home or business the ability to create, store, and use their own renewable electricity on a daily basis, and maintain power in the event of an outage.

Rechargeable Via (4) 195W Panels, Standard Power, Generator.

  • 12 battery /48-volt system to provide 20,000 watts usable power.
  • (4) 195W Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • 85 amp Outback solar charger
  • Outback Mate
  • Outback Inverter/ Charger/ Transfer Switch/ Transformer
Benefits Of Power Carts

Power Cart will have a Continuous Output of 3.6KW with a 9KW Surge start. This 48-volt grid-interactive Outback power plant has 60 amp input/ output, and a UPS 60 amp transfer switch. It works from batteries, generator, or grid and can be charged by sun, wind or any type of generator or from the utility grid. Recharge can be programmed to take advantage of these in any order or percentage you desire. It is internet programmable and monitorable taking over 400 screens in excess of 10,000 commands – including the most important one ‘Let me work on automatic and don’t bother me.’ Also included is complete DC protection from the array to the charger, and from the batteries to power plant & AC protection via 60 amp breaker outlets (wired per country – as per order) also available in any output voltage ex. 100-150 volt, in 50 or 60 cycles.

  • Power Cart is a 4 wheel trailer – Ready to Work. No assembly required
  • These can be daisy-chained for more production, more voltage, more storage.
  • Wi-Fi capable.

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