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How To Protect Your Home From Power Blackouts


With a round of government-imposed environmental constraints, a lack of desire by the utilities to install new capacity, forecasts of higher-than-average temperatures, and the continuation of the drought, power production will be low, while consumption will continue to rise across the state. Plano electrician, ElectricMan, warns consumers to prepare now to avoid the nearly inevitable blackouts that Texans will undoubtedly face.

Reasons For The Blackouts In Texas

The list of issues concerning the supply of electricity in Texas is long.

  • First, the state has its own power grid, so it is essentially isolated from the rest of the nation. It can’t get power from the outside during peak demand periods.
  • Plus, new rules from the EPA went into effect January 1, 2012, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, forcing the immediate shutdown of two power plants in the state.
  • On top of that, since all power plants need a supply of cooling water to operate, the state’s drought and low water tables may force up to 3000 megawatts of power-generating equipment to shut down. According to Plano, TX electricians, one plant was forced to shut down in 2011 for lack of water.
  • Add to this an increasing population and projected record summer temperatures, and the likelihood of blackouts will be at an all-time high.

Protect Your Home With A Back-Up Power System

Fortunately, for customers of Texas power utilities, it is possible to avoid the headaches and potential damage to electrically-operated appliances in a blackout with some foresight and wise investing. By using a savvy electrician, Plano TX residents can take advantage of the latest technology in back-up power systems to service their houses during power outages. Homeowners can continue to enjoy all the creature comforts they expect, even if their neighbors are in total darkness.

Indoor Generators

The latest advancement in backup power supplies is the Indoor Generator, which uses a bank of batteries to provide emergency power to the home.

  • Unlike traditional engine-driven units, these indoor generators are quiet, require no messy fuel handling, have no smell, and produce a more efficient supply of power for home appliances.
  • Even better, customers don’t have to use power from the power company to charge the batteries. Renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, can be used to charge the batteries by installing solar panels or a wind turbine along with the unit.
Power Cart

A reliable, reputable Plano, TX electrician can set up customers with a system like this quickly thanks to innovations such as the Power Cart, a mobile trailer which combines a battery-based indoor generator with four solar panels and an optional wind turbine.

  • The indoor generator takes advantage of the sun and wind when available to power the batteries, relying only on the power company or second backup generator if the batteries deplete.
  • The system can provide a continuous 3.6-kilowatt output, and has on-board electronics to tell the Power Cart to sell power back to the power company using wind or solar power when possible.

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